Ostrich, Get Your Head Out Of the Sand!

Everybody is familiar with the aspect of one of the biggest birds on the planet being renowned for dismissing all of its strengths and its ability to protect itself from anything that may prove to be a challenge, by popping its head underground…


Although the bird thinks that its problem has gone because it can’t see it anymore, we all know that the problem is still there and it hasn’t improved its situation one bit.


At adviseHer, we like to emphasise the importance of this imagery when it comes to finance, because when women have this approach it is still just as charming as when a silly ostrich does it but unfortunately it is also just as unproductive.


Whether it is an intentionally humble approach or a genuine lack of understanding/reluctance, when you do nothing, they are equally detrimental despite your best intentions. We aren’t asking you to enjoy discussing money and you don’t have to become thrifty, tenacious go getter if that’s not who you are but you do need to be realistic and if you aren’t that person, find someone who is; like one of our female advisers.


If you have savings, be it a Stocks and Shares ISA or a Pension, you need to allow yourself to make the most of YOUR money.  Leave the modesty behind and take what you deserve. Regardless of how much you value money or how much you worked for it, it belongs to you and you’d have to be pretty daft to not make the most of it.


If the thought of having organised finances alone isn’t enough of an incentive, simply imagine the prospect of not having to think about your finances AT ALL for a whole year!


We hold Annual Reviews which means that you only need to be seen once a year, it shouldn’t prove to be a disadvantage to you or your money AND THEN you can relax for the remaining 364 days – obviously if you wanted to be seen more than once a year or you had a one off scenario where you required an ad-hoc appointment, you are fully entitled to that as well.


We created adviseHer to help women who just needed a stern talking to and a little bit of a push. We know that these types of women aren’t lazy and it’s nothing to do with intelligence – they just don’t know where to start or how to implement the necessary changes.


We made a guide with a checklist which may provide you with the nudge you need to rearrange your investments and help you get the most out of your money with half the hassle you thought would come with it. We go at the pace you want us to- whether you want us to get it over with as quickly as possible, or if you’re a bit more cautious, give you as much time as you need to make sure you’re fully informed and definitely making the right decision for you and your personal situation.


If you are the lady we’re talking about, or if you know someone who needs a helping hand but isn’t ready to take the steps they need to without being prompted, you can request one of our FREE guides today for yourself, friends or family.


Please complete all of the fields on the slip below and post to our office address to request your free copy. Alternatively, to save on postage you can call us on 01904 829710 or email us at office@adviseher.co.uk and ask us to post our booklet out to you.



Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson

Julie, a Chartered Financial Planner, is a Director and Practice Manager at PenLife Associates Ltd, Chartered Financial Planners in York. Julie is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society – the highest professional qualification available in the UK – and has a degree in Financial Planning. Julie is also accredited to ISO 22222 – the internationally recognised kite mark for professional Financial Advisors.


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